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Encrypt and Zip Files
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Encrypt, Compress and Shred Entire Files and Directories Using Secure IT

Encrypt and Zip Files and Folders with Secure IT
448 bit Strong Encryption
High Compression
Command Line Processing
Built In File Shredder
Secure emails
Runs on all versions of Windows
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Secure IT encrypts and compresses all your files and folders. You need to select a file you want to encrypt and assign a password.

Based on highly secure, open source, tried and tested AES and Blowfish algorithms: Secure IT offers a choice of two of the best encryption algorithms available. You can choose between Blowfish at 448 bits or the new official US Standard the AES (known as Rijndael originally).

Blowfish is known to be one of the strongest algorithms in existence and requires relatively little computing power (practically, a 1 MB file can be encrypted in 3 seconds or less on most desktops).
AES at 128 bits is certified by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technologies) to take 149 trillion years to break, using a machine that takes one second to crack a 56 bit DES key. Secure IT uses AES at 256 bits, making it practically impossible to break.

Secure IT encrypts every kind of file whether spreadsheet, graphic, word processor or others, on every kind of medium, whether floppy disk, removable hard drive, zip drive, tape drive or other.

Compression: You can compress and encrypt the source file in a single step. This has a two fold advantage:

It reduces the size of the encrypted file, thus saving modem transmission time and disk space.
Compression strenthens security. Most cryptanalysis techniques exploit redundancies found in plain text to break encryption. Compression reduces this redundancy in the plain text thus greatly enhancing resistance to cryptanalysis.

Secure Email: You can create self extracting executable files using Secure IT. All you need is the password to decrypt it. You can also send encrypted email attachments which can be decrypted by DeCypherIT a free utility from Cypherix®.

Built-in File Shredder: Secure IT provides a file shredding facility that allows you to securely delete any unwanted data. Additionally, Secure IT offers command line processing for encrypting and compressing files at the dos prompt. You can group a series of encryption and decryption commands in a single or multiple batch files.


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