Cryptainer Drives on Networks
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It is possible to access encrypted volumes across a network. All you do is to create a Cryptainer volume on your network drive and then mount it. Please note, however, that you will need to map the remote drive/folder in which the Cryptainer volume is created on to the local machine as a mapped drive. Thereafter, you can mount the volume, from this mapped drive, on the local machine.  
In the interest of security and the integrity of the data, Cryptainer only mounts volumes off a network drive that has been mapped.  
The Mapping of a network drive is done by Windows. A mapped network drive is treated as a local drive. Please follow these steps to map a network drive:  
Before you can map a network drive, you must ensure that the drive is shared. On the remote computer, open My Computer, right-click on the drive, choose Sharing, and check Shared (set other options as desired). Make sure the remote computer appears on your local machine in Network Neighborhood or My Network Places. If it does not, you need to correct your network configuration.  
On a Windows 98 machine, open Network Neighborhood. On a Windows 2000 or Windows ME computer, open My Network Places, select Entire Network, and then double-click on the work group name (the default is simply the "Work group" setting).  
In either case, the computers on your network should appear as icons. The remaining steps are the same for both operating system versions.  
1.   Double-click the icon for the network computer containing the drive you want to map. All shared resources (drives, folders, and printers) should appear as icons.  
2.   Go to the drive on the server on which your volume exists.  
3.   Right click on this drive and select "Map Network Drive".  
4.   Select the drive letter you wish to map it to. For example S:  
5.   This completes the mapping of your drive.  
6.    Now start the Cryptainer on your client machine and load the volume using the path of the mapped drive S:  
7.   Select the volume.  
This will mount the Cryptainer Drive.