######### Title: Cryptainer LE 6.1.0

Reviewer: scanwith.com

Date: March 2006

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Cryptainer is a simple, easy to use encryption software that creates an encrypted virtual drive, provides password protection and hides any file or folder ensuring file encryption, automatically.Cryptainer creates a volume (vault) that can only be accessed with a password. This volume stores files in the encrypted form. Once mounted, the Cryptainer drive is like any other drive you normally work with. It functions like any other drive (C: or D:) on your computer. Just drag and drop any file into the Cryptainer Vault. It is automatically encrypted. It's that simple! Cryptainer vaults can only be viewed, accessed, browsed or modified by the user who has the key to open it. At other times, the files are invisible!

The Cryptainer Drive is actually a file. All data is stored encrypted within this drive. When mounted using the Cryptainer interface with your password, it appears to Windows as a Disk. Consequently, unless it is actually loaded using Cryptainer, it is not visible under Windows or DOS for that matter. There are no files or any information visible.

All information is stored in the form of encrypted files in a special 'volume' that disappears when you password protect it, thereby locking your files and folders. Any kind of file can be dragged and dropped into this volume, rendering it totally inaccessible by anyone but you. Thus, even if your "vault" (volume file) is stolen or downloaded by anyone, it is not possible to read your data. Using encryption in Cryptainer, it would take more than the age of the universe for all the computers in the world working simultaneously to decipher an encrypted file.

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