Title: Cryptainer PE


Date: July 2002

Secure your PC and ensure total privacy with Cryptainer PE's ease of use together with its powerful 448 bit strong encryption without changing the way you work. It creates a 100MB encrypted drive that can be loaded and unloaded as required. It combines ease of use and simple drag-and-drop operations with powerful 448 bit strong encryption ensuring total security with phenomenal ease of use and maximum convenience!

Cypherix's Cryptainer PE stores all your sensitive information in the form of encrypted files in a ghost drive that appears and disappears at your convenience. On merely loading this ghost drive using your individual password, any kind of file can be dragged and dropped into it, rendering it totally inaccessible by anyone but you. All your data is encrypted at an astonishing speed.

You can use this Cryptainer drive like any other drive you normally work with. You can even install and run programs within this encrypted drive. The mere act of dragging the file into the Cryptainer drive encrypts it and dragging it out decrypts it. This Cryptainer drive can only be viewed, accessed, browsed and modified by the user who has the password. At other times, it remains invisible!

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