Command Line Options
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Secure IT allows to encrypt and decrypt files from the Command Line. The commands and options are listed below:  
Format: secureit /[encrypt/encryptexe] /pw /[options] filename  
/encrypt *
To create an encrypted .SIT file


To create a self extracting .EXE file
/pw:"password" *

Password for file. It should be of minimum 8 characters and upto 100 characters.
filename *

Name and location of the file to be Encrypted.
/tofile:"Destination file"

Enter the destination filename for the encrypted file. Mandatory in case of multiple files.
/pwhint:"password Hint"

Hint for password

Recursively encrypts all files in sub folders.

/Algo:[aes/blowfish] -

Select algorithm for encryption. Default is AES


Select the type of compression. Default is FAST
/logtofile:"log file name" -

Select the alternate log file. Default log file is secureitlog.txt.
On encrypting a single file, 'filename_ext.sit' file will be created.  
For multiple files you need to give the destination filename and extension.  
On selecting a folder 'currentdate.sit' file will be created.  
Options marked with * are mandatory  
Some examples of encryption  
1. To create a .sit file with minimum options  
"secureit /encrypt /pw:"subledger" accounts.xls"  
2. To create a self extracting .exe file with minimum options  
"secureit /encryptexe /pw:"subledger" accounts.xls"  
3. To select a source file from the specified location and save the encrypted file in the same directory  
"secureit /encrypt /pw:"transaction" c:\bank\withdraw.txt"  
4. To encrypt a source file from a particular location and save it to another location  
"secureit /encrypt /pw:"transaction" /tofile:"c:\my documents\tran_apr" c:\bank\withdraw.txt"         
5. To encrypt a file by specifying the hint for your password  
"secureit /encrypt /pw:"18977755454" /pwhint:"credit card number" investment.xls"  
6. Search all the subfolders for particular file and encrypt it  
"secureit /encrypt /pw:"secured file" /recurse balance.xls"  
7. To set the algorithm and compression level for encrypting the file  
"secureit /encrypt /pw:"safe details" /algo:blowfish /clevel:minimum partners.txt"  
8. To select an alternate log file for log details  
"secureit /encrypt /pw:"myimages" /logtofile:logdetails party.gif"  
9. Encrypt multiple files into one sit file  
"secureit /encrypt /pw:"all important files" /tofile:business.sit target1.doc target2.doc"  
Format: secureit /decrypt /pw /[overwrite/nooverwrite]/[options] filename  
/decrypt *
To decrypt a file.
/pw:"password" *

Password to decrypt the file
filename *

Location and name of the file to be decrypted
/[overwrite/nooverwrite] *

Overwrite an existing file with the decrypted file.

/tofolder:"destination" *

Enter the destination folder for the decrypted file.
/logtofile:"log file name"

Enter the alternate log file name.

Some examples of decryption  
1. secureit /decrypt /pw:"subledger" /overwrite /tofolder:"c:\new docs" accounts_xls.sit  
(To decrypt a .sit file with minimum options)  
2. secureit /decrypt /pw:"18977755454" /overwrite /tofolder:"c:\new docs" /logtofile:"newlog" investment_xls.sit  
(To decrypt a file and enter the log details in a new log file)  
NOTE :  
Options marked with * are mandatory  
For decrypting an exe file just type the filename at command prompt.  
You can group a series of encryption and decryption commands in a single or multiple batch files and run it to get the desired results.