Licensing Issues
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bullet We prefer that customers (especially business) purchase as many licences as machines,  
bullet While we do not encourage the use of a single licence in for multiple machines, the use of a single licence in two machines for SOHO users is not in breach of our Licensing agreement. We do realize that most of us, use softwares on different machines at different times. Consequently, installing the software on two different machines for use by the same user is not an issue.  
bullet Our licences are perpetual. You are eligible for any upgrades for one year from the date of purchase. Given our past experience, it is our understanding that you do not need any support or any service agreement. Our products are mature and stable. As things stand, they work under all current 32bit versions of Windows. We sell software products in a old fashioned sense of the word 'product'. You have bought it. They work. They are 'yours'. At the end of two years, we hope that you will not need us. You can simply continue using the product. It does not "expire"  
bullet All existing customers (as has been the case for the last 6 years) are eligible for free upgrades of the software irrespective of the type of upgrade (Major, Minor, Revision etc). You do not need to purchase any "upgrade insurance's" or "product protection". We include all upgrades as well as new feature releases for one year as a part of your purchase price.