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1.   Once you have downloaded the setup file, double click on it. You will see the following screen  
   startup screen  
2.    Click on the "Next" button.  
3.    The next screen shows the License agreement.  
4.    Please read through the License Agreement and click on the "Yes" button.     
5.    The next screen is titled "Select Destination Directory". It is strongly recommended that you retain the default path.  
6.    Click on the "Next" button.  
7.    You will now see a screen titled "Select Start Menu Folder". It is recommended that you retain the default folder name.  
8.    Click on the "Next" button.  
9.   The next screen gives a summary of the options selected by you previously. In case you wish to make changes to the Destination directory or the Start Menu Folder, click "Back" else click "Install".  
   ready to install  
10.   If your machine prompt to restart the computer, select the first radio button, saying "Yes, restart the computer now". It is strongly recommended that you do not postpone this operation.  
11.   Click on the "Finish" button.  
Installation is now complete. Please, refer to the next section for the creation of your first Encryptainer drive.