Cryptainer Enterprise Encryption Software

Cryptainer Enterprise is a clone of Cryptainer except it allows for recovery of passwords without any back doors or intervention at our end. This is targeted at Corporate Users.

Cryptainer Enterprise has an integrated administrative module. This module logs user passwords in an encrypted log file. This feature is useful in corporate environments where sometimes there is a necessity to recover the password/phrase which may have been lost/forgotten or other contingencies.

Cryptainer Enterprise also offers command line processing for encrypting and decrypting files at the dos prompt. You can group a series of encryption and decryption commands in a single or multiple batch files and run it to get the desired results.

You can visit the Cryptainer Enterprise page, found here. Additionally, you can also download information in a pdf format from here.

Should you wish to evalute Cryptainer Enterprise, please email us.

You can find pricing information of upto 500 licenses on our Store page. For more than 500 licences, please contact us.