Errors Messages FAQ's

A "Win32" or an I/O error shows up incase there is an older installed version of Cryptainer or from the Cryptainer service not being completely removed or partially removed. Please uninstall all versions of the Cryptainer, Reboot the machine and re-install Cryptainer. This ought to resolve the problem.

Please uninstall all versions, Reboot the machine and Simply reinstall Cryptainer. This should resolve the problem.

The problem lies in the way your CD/DVD is formatted as UDF File System. In this case, please copy the Cryptainer vault file from CD/DVD to your local hard drive and thereafter try to load it.

Cryptainer vaults unfortunately cannot function if compression is enabled on your NTFS drive. You will need to change the attributes of the drive on which cryptainer vault is to be created.

Please Right Click on the drive, Select "Properties" and uncheck the compress drive tab.

Please ignore the message. The cryptainer.last file is not required for using Cryptainer mobile on a CD. Cryptainer Mobile will work fine without it.

This error most commonly occurs when the encrypted volume is being browsed in another Windows explorer window. Please close all explorer windows if this is the case.

Additionally, there might be some program running in the background which might have locked a file on the Cryptainer vault. These background programs don't show up in task bar. On Windows XP, press CTRL+ALT+DEL and choose the "Processes" tab to view a list of programs running in the background. If one of these background programs is using a file on Cryptainer vault, then you will not be able to unload the Cryptainer vault.

Sometimes if a program is installed within Cryptainer Vault (Drive), it might cause some problems. Most programs like Office suites, Antivirus, etc, have processes running in the background even though the application is not actually running. These programs may also be using some files on Cryptainer vault. To unload the Cryptainer drive these processes have to be closed. If this does not resolve the problem, then please try the work-around given below.

When the volume is loaded, please select 'Tools - List Cryptainer Vaults' from the program interface and click on the "Unload" Button. This should work.