Easiest way to encrypt any data, file, folder, disk, drive, desktop, laptop, any Windows PC, removable drive (USB, flash drive, memory stick etc.)

  • Password Protect files, folders instantly
  • Encrypt confidential data with strong 448 bit encryption
  • Built-in compression to save storage space.
  • Command Line processing.
  • Integrated shredder allows permanent file deletion.
  • Works on all 32 bit as well as 64 bit versions of Windows.
  • Send secure emails.
  • Encrypt and Compress any file, folder, any type of data on any disk drive, any media (USB drive, flash Disk, memory stick, CD/DVD etc.)

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Protecting your confidential data has never been so simple!

Encryption is the only way to secure your sensitive files and folders. Secure IT is the complete data protection solution and safest way to encrypt your confidential data.

Secure IT Folder Encryption Software is easy to use and designed to meet the growing security and privacy needs of all computer users. The software combines ease of use with state of the art technology to ensure total security with a zero learning curve and maximum convenience. The program is fast, and requires relatively few computing resources and little time to encrypt files. The software provides full access control. No unauthorized access to encrypted data is possible under any circumstances, i.e. there are no "back doors". Secure IT is transparent to the end user, designed to hide the complexities of encryption technology from the end user.

30 Days Free Trial

30 days Free Trial

FREE, fully functional 30 day evaluation version

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Key Features

Folder Encryption Software

Secure IT Folder Encryption Software is easy to use making sure that absolutely anyone can use it effectively. Secure IT's interface is about as simple as 123. Encrypt and Decrypt files, folders by browsing through the Folder tree side panel in Secure IT or by right clicking on them in Windows Explorer...and you are done!

Protect against unauthorized viewers

Secure IT allows you to protect your confidential data against unauthorized viewers. Keep your file, folder safe and secure with this folder encryption software.

All-in-one package

File and Folder Encryption, Compression, Shredding all in one package. No need for additional security applications, this one does it all.

Encrypt any number of Files, Folders

You can encrypt individual as well as multiple files, folders in a batch including sub-folders, or entire directory at one time.

Integrates with Windows

Integrates with Windows, allowing you to encrypt files or folders with a single-mouse click from your right click menu within Windows Explorer. Your important data can be protected, by simply browsing and selecting the file or folder that you wish to encrypt within the Secure IT Explorer area or right clicking on them in Windows Explorer.

Extra Command Line Encryption

Offer extra Command Line Encryption feature which enables you to encrypt and decrypt files from the command prompt as well as using batch (.BAT) files and script languages. You can group a series of encryption and decryption commands in a single or multiple batch files and run it to get the desired results

Selective File, Folder Compression

Selective File, Folder Compression feature allows you compress files, folders to save disk space and reduce transmission times. It encrypt and compresses your files, folders freeing up storage space.

Create self-extracting encrypted files

Create self-extracting encrypted files that can be decrypted without installing the software. The user does of course need to know the password.

Built in data shredder

Built in data shredder allows permanent file or folder deletion, shredding and leaves no trace of secret data behind. Secure IT has an integrated shredder module that removes all traces of data thus common un-delete tools cannot recover them.

Secure Email

Secure Email module allows for the creation of self extracting encrypted files which can be sent by email or over the internet. The recipient need not have Secure IT installed to decrypt the files, all that is required is the password. This allows for a totally secure communication system that makes use of existing generic email clients on a public network, yet allows for totally secure data transfer.

Encrypted Data Back-Ups

Worrying about storing confidential information on backup media is a thing of the past. Using Secure IT Folder Encryption Software backup all your encrypted files and folders and easily restore them back. Taking encrypted backups is one step process. Secure IT can encrypt any data on any media including external drive. This allows for the flexibility to store and port data on removable media like USB, Flash Drive, Memory Srick, CD/DVD, Zip disks, tape drives, etc. Take your encrypted files with you wherever you go and have them easily available.

Easy to use, Intuitive interface

To minimize the learning curve, and make the product easy to use.

Fast Encryption

Secure IT is fast, and requires relatively few computing resources and little time to encrypt files.

Portable Data Encryption

Portable Data Encryption for your removable devices. This program creates self-extracting encrypted files that can be decrypted on any computer without installing the program, by entering a correct password.

System Compatibility

Secure IT works on all versions of 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions of Windows including Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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FREE, fully functional 30 day trial version of Secure IT

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