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Secure IT is a file encryptor whereas Cryptainer is a disk encryptor. Cryptainer creates an encrypted drive in which you can store all your secure data, while Secure IT does not create such a drive. Secure IT has a built in shredder and also allows you to encrypt/decrypt using command line.

Cryptainer Lite and Cryptainer Personal have the same features. The only difference is the capacity of the vault size it can create. Cryptainer Lite allows you to create multiple 100 MB vaults, while Cryptainer Personal allows you to create multiple 32 GB vaults.

Cryptainer Pro and Cryptainer Enterprise, allow you to create multiple 1000 GB vaults. Cryptainer Enterprise has all the functionalities of Cryptainer 10.0. Additionally it provides corporate users with an auditing feature, namely the Admin Module. It allows for the recovery of passwords of end users. To illustrate, if an employee leaves suddenly. In such a case, the data can be accessed by the corporation without any intervention by Cypherix® or any back doors of any kind.

Cryptainer Enterprise provides a single point control and monitoring of the distributed security system while retaining the privacy of end users who set their own passwords.

More information on Cryptainer Enterprise can be found here.

The Secure e-mail module, a feature present in Cryptainer and SecureIT, allows for the creation of self extracting encrypted files. The recipient need not have Cryptainer/SecureIT installed to decrypt the files, all that is required is the password. This allows for a totally secure communication system that makes use of existing generic e-mail clients on a public network, yet allows for totally secure data transfer.

Secure E-mail types -

These can be decrypted and viewed at the recipient's end on any Windows machine without any software. All the recipient needs to know is the password/phrase.

Disadvantage: Despite their convenience, these self executing files cause problems to your recipients as .exe extension is used by many viruses. Many virus scanners delete executable files automatically.

Given that most virus scanners delete most executable files almost automatically, Cryptainer and SecureIT allows for the creation of .sitw encrypted files. These can be e-mailed to the recipient. We recommend that you use this method. However the disadvantage is that the recipient needs to download a free utility DecypherIT to decrypt a .sitw file.

More information on DecypherIT can be found here

Cypherix® products work with all 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows (Windows XP/Windows Vista /Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 as well as Windows 11), on file systems such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS with EFS, etc.