######### Title: Easy Encryption for Your Private Files

Reviewer: freedownloadaday.com

Date: November 2005

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Are you working with ultra-sensitive files that require Fort Knox-like security? Do you want to create a dedicated disk space that cannot be accessed by other users on a shared PC? If you answered yes to these questions, then turn to Cryptainer LE to provide the right shield.

Cryptainer LE uses powerful, 128-bit strong encryption to create a new virtual drive, accessed with a drive letter just like a regular disk drive. That enrypted drive disappears when you quit Cryptainer LE. Simply drag and drop files into this secure "vault", and such files are immediately encrypted on-the-fly. There's no need to manually encrypt individual files. What's more, it allows you to send files with encrypted email messages (though the use of self-decrypting EXE attachments may result to these messages getting blocked by mail servers). Probably the best thing about Cryptainer LE is that secure vaults can be created even in external and removable media such as USB drives and CDs, so you can access the data practically anywhere.

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