######### Title: Cryptainer LE

Reviewer: worldstart.com
I have something today I think the 95,98, and ME users will really appreciate—a file with encryption. The reason I mentioned the older Operating Systems is because the NT filing system in Win 2K and XP has its own encryption built in. I always thought that the older 9x OSs and ME got the shaft when it comes to file security and I have been looking for a nice file locking program for FAT32.

Cryptainer LE is a 128bit encryption program that creates up to a 20MB encrypted file (they call it a Vault) on your PC. I know that's not very big, but it's nice for document files. also, you can make as many folders as you want.

The program is small and easy to use. After your create a vault you simply drag-and-drop any files you want hidden into it, and they're encrypted. To open your folder, simply launch the Cryptainer program and point to the file you want to display.

In addition to working in all versions of Windows, it also is great for removable storage, i.e. thumb drives and optical disks (CD-R/RW, DVD+R, etc.). This is great if you were to lose your thumb drive or disk somewhere—no worries about someone loading it into their PC and viewing your data. The Cryptainer LE is something every Windows 9X and ME user should have especially if you have any documents on your PC worth keeping secret.

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