Title: Cypherix Cryptainer PE

Reviewer: epinions.com

Date: Feb 2006

Original URL: Click Here

Nowdays you can't be too careful when it comes to your personal data. With Cryptainer you can hide everything that can can be stored as a file on your computer. Spreadsheets, documents, financial software files, databases, etc. can all be stored with Cryptainer

The way it works is that when the software is running, it creates a "drive" on your computer with a drive letter where you can save your files. When you exit it "saves" everything in one file stored elsewhere on the computer. You have to enter a password to be able to access the data in the file. The data is highly encrypted using Blowfish & AES file encryption. I can't prove this myself, but I have read that it would take all the computers on Earth working for longer than the universe has been in existence to break the code for just one of the Cryptainer files.

One good thing is that you can have the software for free. They have a scaled down version you can try to see if it will fit your needs. Then again, it is not very expensive to buy - $30 & $45.

It is simple to use and is very stable, although the interface could use a little tweaking. Some things you have hunt for but once you find them it is easy to go back to. Also, don't forget your password. There is no way to retrieve a lost password.

Do yourself a favor and use Cryptainer, or any of the other software designed to protect you personal data. There are too many crooks out there looking to steal what belongs to you.

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