Title: Cryptainer PE


Author: Kathy Salisbury

Date: June 2005

You might think the term "data encryption" sounds a little scary, whether or not you are a computer technophile. Encryption might conjure up images of super-intelligent computer scientists locked away in a room somewhere, pouring over strange symbols and mathematical models.

Well, fear no more because Cryptainer PE makes using advanced encryption technology so easy, it's like falling off a log!

I actually quite drowsy when I installed Cryptainer PE, but I had a virtual password-protected vault set up in just a few minutes. The technology and science behind it may be incredibly complex, but Cryptainer PE is very simple to use.

Cryptainer PE creates a virtual drive on your computer. This virtual drive is password-protected and encrypted with top security encryption methods. What does this mean? The virtual drive created by Cryptainer PE works just like a regular hard drive, and is just as fast and easy use! But your sensitive data will be absolutely private.

Do you have any data that you like to keep safe and secure? What about financial records, credit card numbers, personal information?

Yes, you need to keep these records, but what would you do if your computer were stolen, or hacked into? Do you really want this sensitive information in the hands of some petty thief? No way.

If I had an office that was open to the public, I would want to keep my personal information or sensitive business documents in a secure virtual drive created by Cryptainer PE. I would just feel more comfortable having people in my office, knowing that my information is private.

But Cypherix offers even more powerful versions of this great encryption technology. If I were a physician or other health care provider, I would want to keep patient information securely protected and meet the government criteria for doing so. Patient records are safe in a virtual drive created by Cryptainer SE. Cryptainer SE meets HIPAA Privacy and Security Criteria.

Not only is it a good idea - it is the law!! If your patient records are not kept confidential, you could risk some very stiff legal penalties - even criminal prosecution!

With Cryptainer SE you won't have to worry about it for one second. You don't have to worry about this kind of liability. Use Cryptainer SE to fully comply with the the HIPAA Security Rule as published in National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

I hate to think about what some health care businesses are spending to try to protect against the threat of computer viruses and hacking. But what about the threat of a law suit from a patient whose privacy was not fully guarded? Or the reputation of your health care business, which is the very foundation of your company and affects your ability to serve the public?

Cryptainer SE meets these government-regulated requirements for privacy and security.

Using Cryptainer PE to safeguard sensitive information for your family or small business just plain makes good common sense! Larger corporations and health care providers can be protected by using Cryptainer SE.

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