Title: Cryptainer PE

Reviewer: pcauthority.com.au

Date: February 2006


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Cryptainer PE is designed for home use and provides an easy method of safeguarding data from prying eyes and malicious hackers.

The program creates a virtual drive on your PC, defined as a removable disk, which is password protected and encrypted with a 448-bit implementation of the Blowfish encryption algorithm.

On launching the program for the first time you are asked to define the size, location and name of the virtual drive, and assign a password to it.

Within minutes your secure virtual drive is created. The drive acts like any other drive, so files can be copied, saved, deleted, etc as normal.

Encryption is done on the fly. Simply drag a file (or save it) into the drive and it is encrypted - no messing around. Combine the high level of encryption with a sensibly secure password and your data is completely safe.

The drive is only visible when Cryptainer is running, and even then it can be hidden. It can only be displayed using Cryptainer and the required password.

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