Title: Cryptainer PE



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Well finally an easy way to protect your sensitive material!

Not only is it easy, but this is really secure too. In fact it uses 448 bit Encrypted Password Protection - Unbreakable Blowfish based password protection ensuring total data protection. The secure sites on the internet (like your bank) use 128 bit encryption.

So, guess what? They are going to have to torture you to get this baby open.

Here is how it works. First of all you get 30 days to try it out, not crippled at all. When you are doing the install it asks for a place where you want the encrypted folder to be created. (Though it will not appear there, so no one is going to find it) Then it asks how big you want the folder to be and asks for the password you want to use.

Now whenever you have Cryptainer PE opened up (using your password of course) an extra drive appears in your My Computer list. That is the encrypted folder where you can now put all of your sensitive stuff. You can treat it like any other drive, you can add folders and just drag and drop your data into it. Then when you turn off Cryptainer PE it disappears. I cannot emphasize too much how easy Cryptainer PE is to use.

Now I don't actually have much sensitive data. But what I do have is my Personal Information Manager (PIM) that has all of my credit card information in it , my address book etc. What I did was to place all of the data files for in it the Cryptainer PE. Now I feel much better!

In conclusion. I really believe in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). The people at Cypherix obviously do too. For they have made a really easy to use, but well thought out program that I can heartily recommend to you.

Try It! Buy It!

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