Title: Cryptainer PE


Date: Jan 2005


Cryptainer PE is an effective answer to the absolute need for privacy and security for desktop users. Just Drag and Drop to secure data of any kind (documents, pictures, entire folders or even run programs). This easy to use software, password protects and hides any file or folder, automatically. Its powerful 448-bit encryption ensures that only you can access your data. Cryptainer PE creates a volume that can only be accessed with a password. This volume stores files in the encrypted form. The volumes behave like any other folder and can be transported (moved/copied) to any location (another folder, another drive or even to a CD). It combines ease of use with state-of-the-art technology to ensure total security with a zero learning curve and maximum convenience! The Secure e-mail module allows for the creation of self extracting encrypted files. The recipient need not have Cryptainer installed to decrypt the files, all that is required is the password. Cryptainer PE offers true on-the-fly disk encryption making sure that absolutely anyone can use it effectively! What you get is foolproof, hassle-free, unbreakable security. You can use this Cryptainer drive like any other drive you normally work with. You can even install and run programs within this encrypted drive. The mere act of dragging any type of data into the Cryptainer drive encrypts it. This Cryptainer drive can only be viewed, accessed, browsed and modified by the user who has the password. At other times, it remains invisible! This award winning and much acclaimed product runs on all 32-bit versions of MS Windows (95/98/Me/NT4/2000 as well as XP). It runs as a special Windows device driver operating on a 448 bit implementation of the Blowfish algorithm in Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode with a block size of 64 bits and conforms to international standards.

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