Title: Cryptainer PE


Date: April 2003


Original URL: Click Here

Cryptainer PE stores all your important information in the form of encrypted files in a ghost drive that appears and disappears at your convenience. On merely loading this ghost Cryptainer drive using your individual password, any kind of file can be dragged and dropped into it, rendering it virtually untouchable by anyone but you.You can then use this Cryptainer drive like any other, C: or D:, drive you normally work with.

When loaded, the Cryptainer ghost drive appears in Windows Explorer and in all other applications. The encryption and decryption occurs behind the scenes. Just load your Cryptainer drive, enter the password, and you are ready to go.

The secure e-mail module allows for the creation of self extracting encrypted files. The recipient need not have Cryptainer installed to decrypt the files, all that is required is the password.Cryptainer PE offers true on-the-fly disk encryption making sure that absolutely anyone can use it effectively!

The mere act of dragging any type of data into the Cryptainer drive encrypts it. This Cryptainer drive can only be viewed, accessed, browsed and modified by the user who has the password.

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