Installation & Registration FAQ's

For a step by step installation procedure (with screenshots) please click here.

SecureIT installation is similar to Cryptainer. Double click on the sit.exe file. Continue to the next step - read and accept the license agreement - continue until you are asked for the folder in which you would like to install Secure IT in. You could either use the default location and press 'next' or browse and choose your own location. Continue clicking 'Next' until installation is complete.

A "Win32" or an I/O error shows up incase there is an older installed version of Cryptainer or from the Cryptainer service not being completely removed or partially removed. Please ignore the error message. Re-downloading (to make sure you are using the latest version) and re-installing the software ought to resolve the problem.

You can always download the latest builds of Cryptainer/SecureIT by logging on to our End User Area using your email address.

The new version (version 12.0) and the old version (version 10.x/9.x/8.x) are separate installer which do not interfere and can be used on the same machine at the same time. You can use either both or uninstall the old version if needed. However we would suggest that you install the new version and thereafter uninstall the old version to avoid any confusion or any trouble.

Reinstalling/Uninstalling Cryptainer program does not change/remove the volume files (containing your encrypted data). They remain intact in the location where you originally saved them. It is somewhat like uninstalling/reinstalling MS Word. As long you do not delete .doc files, a reinstall does not affect existing files (word documents).

Please log in at our End User Area to get your registration code.

Copy the code from "starcode" to "endcode"

In the reminder window of Cryptainer (Evaluation Window), click "Enter Registration Codes".

Click "Paste".

Click "Process Registration Code".

Click "Ok".

Once you click on 'Ok', Cryptainer will shut down. Please restart Cryptainer once again. Cryptainer should now be registered.

You can get your registration code by logging on to our End User Area.

You can uninstall Cryptainer from the following locations:

1. Start - Programs - Cryptainer - Uninstall Cryptainer.

Start - Settings - Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs - Uninstall Cryptainer.

Should there be a problem, you can uninstall Cryptainer from your machine. Please run unins000.exe located in the same directory where Cryptainer has been installed (The default path is ..\Program Files\Cryptainer).