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bullet PC Utilities
"Editors's Choice"
"Cryptainer LE is one of the easiest and most straightforward to use".
Although numerous encryption utilities are available, both commercially and as freeware, and there's no doubt that Cryptainer Lite is one of the easiest and most straightforward to use. Cryptainer Lite is outstanding .

bullet PC Magazine
"An extremely easy and familiar way to safely store your important data... Everybody should use it."

"This program offers a much more convenient interface than most encryption utilities by acting as a virtual drive you can place anywhere on your PC. Also, Cryptainer makes it easy to hide all your sensitive information by letting you remove the virtual drive with a single click. If you can't exert much energy on file security, you'll find Cryptainer to be the perfect tool."


bullet - Rated 5 Stars in all categories.
"The very word "Encryption" strikes fear into many computer users. It conjures up visions of only extremely gifted scientists being able to understand how it works and more importantly how to make it work.
Cryptainer PE however turns that theory on its head. All you need to know is how to drag and drop, it's that easy."


"Keep the goons from bagging your important files."
Cryptainer Lite is a super-easy way to encrypt your files. It creates a virtual drive that you can simply drag-and-drop files into.


bullet ZDNet
"Software to keep your secrets safe."
"I keep documentation from many parts of my life on my computer. I have tax returns on it, not to mention thousands of business and personal e-mail messages. Although it wouldn't be a national security disaster if these files fell into the wrong hands, such a loss could harm me financially or prove embarrassing. Cryptainer Lite Free Encryption Software creates a 20MB encrypted bucket for files and whole directories. Even better, I told my e-mail client to keep my in-box in the encrypted drive. (Freeware/Windows)."


bullet PCPlus
"Cryptainer Lite - Encryption has never been simpler, a absolutely top-notch encryption tool."
"If you have sensitive files you wish to protect then encryption is the obvious answer. There are plenty of encryption utilities about, however Cryptainer Lite is one of the neatest and simplest to use. It creates a encrypted files (called vaults) on your system, which are mounted as any other drives. You can only open it with the password and they are invisible in Explorer. It's a wonderfully simple and efficient approach."


bullet PC World
"Data encryption fends off hackers, but its perceived ease of use (or lack thereof) also scares off the good folks who want to use it. Cryptainer Lite makes encryption as simple as dragging and dropping files into a password-protected vault."

laptop magzine

bullet Laptop Magazine
"Do you need a user-friendly way to keep your documents safe?...
Cypherix®'s Cryptainer PE achieves this in a unique and simple way."

sa_computer magzine

bullet SA Computer Magazine
" keep some of our more sensitive data private and encrypted. We stumbled across Cryptainer and have never looked back. If you want an encryption package this one is well worth it."


bullet Rated 5 COWS
"This is a 448-bit file and disk encryption software. It creates encrypted vaults for storing data. It supports drag-and-drop, and allows you to create secure e-mail files. With Cryptainer it is possible to encrypt files directly on any media, including removable media such as a USB Drive or CD-R."


bullet Rated 5 STARS
"Cryptainer Lite enables you to create a secure container on your PC... You can also create a secure storage container on any media including external and removable drives (e.g. USB drives, CD etc)."


"This has to be the best bar none, the best personal information encryption software I have ever used. Simple to install. Super simple to use."


bullet - Rated 8.8 on 10
"Cryptainer is a very simple to use program to make sure your valuable documents are safe and sound."


bullet Rated 5 STARS
"Cryptainer PE offers true on-the-fly 448 bit disk encryption for total security ."

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