100 MB not enough?
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Are you always trying to optimize space in your Cryptainer vaults?  
bullet Encrypting only some of your confidential or sensitive data is not going to solve any security issues. You need to make sure that all your important data is protected.  
Volumes of different sizes  
bullet Cryptainer Lite volumes can be any size from 1 MB to upto 100 MB  
bullet Cryptainer Personal volumes can be any size from 1 MB to upto 32 GB  
bullet Cryptainer Pro volumes can be any size from 1 MB to upto 10240 GB  
Load Multiple Volumes  
bullet You may create any number of additional volumes on your computer.  
bullet You can load multiple volumes at any given time.  
Same Interface  
bullet Cryptainer Lite, Cryptainer Personal, Cryptainer Pro and Cryptainer Enterprise have the same familiar interface, to ensure continued ease of use and easy inter operability between versions.  
Click here to see a product comparison matrix.  
Our Product Range - pricing and features  
Cryptainer Personal
US$ 45
Multiple 32 GB vaults
More Features
Cryptainer Pro
US$ 69.95
Multiple 10,240 GB vaults
More Features
Cryptainer Enterprise
US$ 139.90
Multiple 10240 GB vaults
More Features
bullet Secure Purchase Over the Internet  
bullet Instant electronic delivery.  
bullet Free updates/upgrades for one year from the date of purchase.  
You can place your order on-line for immediate electronic delivery. You can use your credit card on our secure web server. Click here to purchase from our secure on-line store.