s Cryptainer Help File – Revealing the Cryptainer Vault File Name
Revealing the Volume File Name and Location   
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When Cryptainer loads the drive, it only shows the volume label. The actual Cryptainer vault file name is not shown to protect privacy of your data. But you may need to know the file name in certain instances, for example, to make a complete copy of the file in a safe place. If you do not remember the file name or its location, you can use the following procedure to reveal it.  
To reveal the Cryptainer Lite volume file name:  
1.   Unload the Cryptainer drive, if it is loaded.  
2.   Click on the menu item "Tools -> Show the Cryptainer Vault File Name"  
3.   Cryptainer asks you for the password. Type the password and click on OK.  
4.   If the password is correct, Cryptainer shows you the name of the Cryptainer vault file.